Real. Fast. Increase your productivity today with the new 1638 high speed printer from Mutoh. With its new staggered dual head print technology you can now print the jobs of two or three printers using just one ValueJet 1638 printer. The 1638 is a four color (CMYK) Eco-solvent printer that produc

Product Information

ValueJet 1638WX will push the boundaries of speed, quality and ease of use :

  • Extreme print quality at high speeds and at amazingly high resolutions
  • Unrivalled overall dot control, leading to better image definition for all speeds
  • Excellent cost per print performance and durability
  • Advanced print automation features, including Mutoh’s new DropMaster technology, will provide a high level of peace of mind which other wide format printers simply cannot keep up with

Targeted at the sublimation transfer market, the ValueJet 1638WX dye sublimation printer delivers high quality graphics for transfer onto all possible flexible and rigid polyester materials:

  • Soft signage & graphics for events, tradeshows, …
  • Home decoration : curtains, bed linen, …
  • Flags & pennants
  • Sports goods : snowboards, helmets, …
  • Gadgets : mugs, umbrellas, iPods, mouse mats, ...
  • Apparel : blouses, sportswear, outdoor jackets, T-shirts, …

Key Features

  • Transfer sublimation printing up to 64 in
  • Staggered dual head with latest generation 1440 nozzle piezo heads
  • Mutoh Intelligent Interweaving and new DropMaster technology inside
  • Production speeds between 42 and 65sqm per hour
  • New cost-effective Mutoh universal dye sublimation inks
  • Ideal for production of soft signage, apparel and gadgets

Staggered Dual Head Setup
The new ValueJet incorporates a new generation 'wide' 1440 nozzle piezo drop-on-demand printhead.  Each colour section has 360 nozzles (2 x 180 nozzle rows/colour).  The head is capable of producing ink drops ranging from 3.5pl to 35pl, allowing a wider range of ink dots at faster speed.

The new dual head offers a unique blend of high speed and high quality.  As well as featuring Mutoh's new wide piezo printhead, higher carriage speeds and ink firing frequencies and adapted weaving algorithms give an impressive increase in production speed as well as optimised ink spread and improved drying.


Ink Compatibility

The NEW Mutoh DS2 series universal transfer sublimation inks are 100% VOC free and do not require any risk labelling.  Developed specifically for the 1638WX print heads, the inks offer excellent nozzle stability for high speed and high volume printing and will produce perfect image definition.

The DS2 inks are odourless both during the print and transfer process.  They offer a wide colour gamut with bright, vibrant colours and give good light, washing and perspiration fastness properties.



The VJ-1638WX printer offers you a wide range of print modes and speeds. The overview below lists the most popular modes for high quality output:

  • Quality – 720 x 720 dpi: 25.0 m²/h
  • Production – 360 x 720 dpi: 42.0 m²/h
  • Speed Production – 360 x 360 dpi: 50.0 m²/h
  • High Speed Production - 360 x 360 dpi: 65m²/h


Print Automation with Mutoh DropMaster Technology
Get constant, uncompromised print quality on any thickness/weight of transfer paper effortlessly, thanks to Mutoh's proprietary DropMaster Technology.

Specifically developed for Mutoh's dual head ValueJet models, DropMaster is a revolutionary print automation technique which eliminates the need for cumbersome, time-consuming media dependent head adjustments. Knowing the media thickness and consequently the drop-throw distance between print head and media surface,DropMaster is capable of automatically recalculating and adjusting the uni/bi-directional fire timings.  It does this regardless of resolution and print speed.


Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper
The ValueJet 1638WX prints on all typical dye sublimation transfer papers from 66gsm to 150gsm.  The printer is equipped with an automatic sheet-off function.  Manual cutting is also possible using the dedicated cutting groove on the media guide.




Model Name

ValueJet 1638WX

Printer Technology

Drop-on-demand Micro Piezo Inkjet Technology

Print Head Nozzle Configuration

180 nozzles x 8 lines / head

Drop Mass Range (pl)

5.9 to 45.3

Head Heights




2.5 mm


4.0 mm

Colour Set-up

2x4 CMYK (speed set-up) or 8 colour(gamut set-up)

Media Width

900 mm (36.8") - 1625 mm (63,97”)

Max. Print Width

1615 mm (63,58”)

Max. Media Thickness

0.3 / 1.3 / 2.8 mm

Media Measurements

Media Measurements *

Ø 150 mm / 2” & 3” / 30 kg


ValueJet 1638WX


High Quality

Super Fine (1080 x 1080 dpi 9 p)

11.0 m²/h



(720 x 720 dpi 4 p)

25.0 m²/h



(360 x 720 dpi 2 p)

42.0 m²/h


Speed Production

(360 x 360 dpi 2 p)

50.0 m²/h


High Speed Production

 (360 x 360 1 p)

65.0 m²/h


All indicated speeds are obtained in 2x4 colour set-up and using full print width.

ValueJet 1638WX

Ink Specifications

Ink Type

DS2-series Universal Transfer Sublimation ink

Ink Volume

1000 ml 

Ink Colours


Ink Consumption Average

8.5 ml / m²

UV durability 

3 to 6 months outdoor

Light fastness

ISO 105-B02(*)

Washing fastness

 ISO 105-C02(*) C (5-6) / M (6-7) / Y (6-7) / K (6)

Perspiration fastness

ISO 105-E02(*) C (4-5) / M (4-5) / Y (4-5) / K (4-5)

                         C (4-5) / M (5) / Y (4-5) / K (4-5)

Score Ranges (min-max) : Light 1-8 / Washing 1-5 / Perspiration (1-5)

ValueJet 1638WX - Power Consumption

During Printing

200 W In Stand‐by / Sleep Mode / Power Off

38 W / 30 W / < 3.8 W


Power Supply

AC 100-120 V / AC 200-240 - 60/50 Hz

Noise (dB)

± 69.8 (printing) / ± 60.5 (standby)

Recommended Working Environment


22°C - 30 °C with Δt: max. 2 °C/h


40% - 60 % (no condensation) with ΔRH: max. 5% RH/h  


Machine Measurements 

Width x Depth x Height

2698 x 885 x 1261 mm