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HOTA HTO 420-1700 Plus

The display machine is new improved model. The designer and technicians made thousands of trials to decide the present appearance. Blue frame with dark grey doors, pure blue table coordinate the frame, which uniquely defined in the market. The color contrast fully display the transfer fabric. And PLC control make system detailed and increase cost performance. 

All products are designed with full oil. Automatic adjust of the blanket eliminates the need for frequent manual adjustment. Traditional lengthening platform, easy to use and simple to operate, used in rolls to rolls, piece to piece and other needs, separate take up system for fabric.



MODEL HTO 420-1700 Plus
Diameter of Cylinder 420
Transfer Width (mm) 1700
Productivity 1 – 3 M / Min
Principle of Heating Conductive oil heating
Transfer Mechanism Preasure – bearing
Start Time 45 min
Net Weight 1000 kg
Gross Weight 1200 kg
Power 18 KW 380 V (3Pass)
Transfer Temperature 180 -230 degree
  Display system (options)
  With automatic alignment system
*Untuk keperluan pengembangan, spesifikasi dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu.
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