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Valuejet 1948WX

The MUTOH XpertJet series, which delivers excellent print quality and high productivity, now has a 54”/1.3m wide eco solvent
printer perfectly balancing cost and performance.

Open a new era of high production Dye-Sublimation Printing

The ValueJet 1948WX, high speed dye-sublimation inkjet printer effortlessly delivers the best-in-class speed and superior print quality.
Staggered 4 print head-setup enables high-speed printing and improved productivity, the VJ-1948WX achieves a maximum print speed of 117.3m²/h*.

With the addition of new custom modes, the options of the printing function are significantly widened.

The large dual heaters are incorporate on the rear side of the front paper guides, and it provides fast dry times and accelerates production speeds.

The MUTOH original dye-sublimation transfer ink (DH21) provides optimum print quality and wide color gamut. The DH21 ink is available in a 4-color configuration CMYK and 7-color (CMYK, LC, LM, LK). Large capacity ink bags (1,000ml or 2,200ml) with the original ink cases support prolonged continuous printing. A special feature of the MUTOH Status Monitor (MSM), the ValueJet Print Server (VPS) provides high-speed and stable printing. Creates scarves, blankets, promotional items, trade show graphics, flags, banners, custom interior designs, apparel, sports uniforms and more.
*at 360x720dpi


  • MUTOH dye-sublimation ink“DH21”

  • Staggered 4 print heads

  • Variable Dot Technology

  • 3 steps head height adjustment

  • Built-in large dual heaters

  • Pressure roller down system

  • Equipped the automatic cuttiing function

  • Feed and take-up system included (up to 100kg)

  • Easy daily maintenance





Table Display

Window Decals


Staggered 4-printhead design

Staggered 4-head design enables high-speed printing and improved productivity. The VJ-1948WX achieves a maximum print speed of 17.3m2 per hour. Printhead select function is available to be printed. Without using impaired printheads, it keeps printing with the remaining printheads, and provides reliable business support. And also VJ-1948WX minimizes the ink consumption by selecting a printhead to perform head cleaning.

Built-in large dual heaters

Built-in large dual heaters provide fast dry times for increased production speeds.

They are incorporated on the rear side of the front paper guide. Each heater’s temperature can be set from the control panel individually, and checked or changed anytime without interrupting the printing operation.

Heavy-duty take-up system included

A heavy-duty feed and take-up system maintains stable media transportation up to 100kg. It also supports 70gsm/m2 standard transfer papers to 130 gsm/m2 thicker and heavier transfer papers. Even a 45 gsm/m2 very thin transfer paper can be supported by setting the conditions of the weight, countermeasure of cockling, adsorption fans, etc.
As the printed media are winded with the constant pressure, they can be easily used in the post heat-press processing stage.
*It also can be set on VJ-1948WX as option.

High image quality with variable dot technology

3 kinds of variable dot produce fine texture and color representation. With using different diameters of large, middle and small sizes, they can express the gradation smoothly and brilliant color.

DropMaster Technology

By inputing different media thickness on the registered media setting, Drop Master Technology is capable of automatically recalculating and adjusting the bi-directional drop fire timings. It achieves smooth high-quality printing.

Intellegent interweave

Intelligent interweave offers many printing effects to improve the image quality. They allow the reduction and elimination of banding and color unevenness.
*The effect may not be suitable for high-speed printing. Please test in advance.

Wave Print

Fuzz Print

Designed with advanced features

  • The pressure roller hold down system is equipped in both the front and rear side of the printer, and ensures easy handling ny the manual lever from either of two locations. There are two pressure setting “standard” and “strong”.
  • The pressure rollers can be raised up and down individually even when printing on thin transfer paper to avoid cockling.

The head height can be adjusted in three steps : 1.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4.0mm. Each can also be activated for auto-cleaning.

MUTOH Status Monitor (MSM)

  • Significant improvement of response time for print status acquisition
  • Support initial installation wizard
  • Support 10 languages for all functions.

It requires user registration to download MSM.



Model Name VJ-1948 WX
Print Technology Drop-on-demand Micro Piezo Inkjet Technology
Print Head 4 (staggered setup)
Head Heights Low:1.5mm / Middle:2.5mm / High: 4.0mm
Max. Media Width 1910mm
Max. Print Width 1900mm
Ink Type Water-based dye sublimation ink (NT Ink)
Ink set 4-color (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)
7-color (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black)
Volume 1,000ml bottle
No. of slot 8
Print Resolutions 1440/1080/720/360dpi (10 modes as standard + 19 modes as custom)
Interface Gigabit-Ethernet(1000BASE-T)
Media Measurements* φ150mm/ 2″ & 3″ / 30kg or less
Heater Control System Heaters(30-50℃), OFF
Power Supply AC 100-120V/AC 200-240V – 60/50 Hz
A-property Acoustic Power Level (Actual Measured Value) 69.8dB or less
Printer Accuracy Guaranteed Environment Temperature: 20~30℃ Humidity: 40~60%RH (Non Condensing)
Power Consumption Operating Status:600W or less, In standby: 91W or less
Machine Measurements W2983 x D966 x H1261mm (including a stand)
W2983 x D1334 x H1261 mm (including a stand + feed and take-up system)
Packing Size Printer: W3165 x D1150 x H900mm, Weight: 268kg
Stand: W2462 x D395 x H250mm, Weight: 42kg
Feed and take-up system (100kg): W2780 x D1080 x H433mm, Weight: 159kg
Weight printer: 164kg Stand: 37kg Feed and take-up system: 89kg
Optional Feed and take-up sysetem VJ-19TUP100 (100kg)
Take-up system VJ-16/19TUP30 (30kg)
1000ml/2200ml ink bag case
Cutter blade VJ-CB

*Due to the removal of the flange joint, the 2-inch media core can be adjusted; however, do not use the solid 2-inch core media.

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