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NT 1803i

Multi-function leather guide tipe printer, optional industrial grade retractor.

High Performance, High Stability, High Durability 

Humanized function.
1. Paper dot optional auto-sensing, also can be set manually.
2. Printing process adjustable, can be changed to step.
3. Professional receiving and discharging system.
4. Professional environmental protection smoke exhaust filtration system.

Negative pressure ink supply system.
1. Industrial-grade negative pressure system supports high-speed printing, ensuring a more stable and
smooth ink supply system.
2. Industrial-grade printheads are equipped with constant temperature heating system, the printheads are
not affected bt environmental humidity during the printing process.

Automatic lifting ink stack.
Elevating automatic ink absorption, easy to operate, automated maintenance of printheads function, automatic cleaning, moisturizing function is not easy to break the ink.


Packaging Box




Sign Board

Toy Box

ALPHA’S genuine RIP Software

Alpha dapat menggunakan software RIP : Photo print &TOPAZ-XI pilihan yang Fleksibel untuk dapat digunakan dengan mudah dan sesuai dengan kebutuhan.

ALPHA’S Technologies

• Leather Tape Conductor Color Configuration and Output Applications

Equipped with three i3200-E1 / U1 printheads, adopting advanced board control technology, using 3.5pl ultra small ink droplets, industrial grade design to ensure the durability of the printheads.

Intelligent inkjet printing technology and variable ink droplets ensure high-quality print output and greatly increase printing speed to meet user’s requirements for print quality and speed.

• Configuration parameters

Specialized high-strength low-stretchguide belt.
No deflection and deformation. Long service life.

Automatic moisturizing cleaning components.
Ensure the stability of cleaning. Provide work stability

High-quality DC servo motor.
Good stability and long service life.

Static electricity removal device, can effectively prevent static electricity caused by the phenomenon of oblique spraying and flying ink.

THK high-precision mute guide rail.

The trolley is heated by the base plate, which effectively improves the stability of printing.

  • i3200-E1/U1 printhead to meet the different needs of the application of customers, material adaptability is more extensive.
  • Eco-Solvent Ink / UV environmentally friendly odorless ink, colorful, smoothnesss.
  • Heavy-duty wall plate rack – to ensure print quality, material selection range is more extensive.
  • Unique platform plus mesh belt material adaptability is more extensive, for some specific materials on the print easly completed.
  • External power supply, intelligent paper collection system, collector with the machine printing and stop will automatically open and close to extend the service life of the collector motor.


Name UV Printer
Model NT 1803i
Print Head 3 x i3200-E1 | 3 x i3200-U1
Printing Technology Micropiezo inkjet printer
Media Size Width: 1820mm / Thickness: 10mm / Weight: 60kg
Printing Width 1800mm
Ink Cartridge Type: Eco Solvent, Eco Friendly, Odorless Ink                                    | Type: UV environmentally
Volume: Continous supply system                                                       | Volume: Friendly odorless ink
(3L large ink cartridge + 220cc secondary ink cartridge)
Resolution 1200 / 1800dpi
Print Speed 4Pass: 720*1200dpi 10㎡/h
6Pass: 720*1800dpi 8㎡/h
Interface Network interface board
Voltage AC 220V ±5%, 16A, 50/60 HZ
Software Topaz XI
Weight 450kg
Dimension W3400*D950*H1330mm
Environment Boot mode : 15˚C-32˚C / Humidity: 35-80% (non condensing)
Shutdown mode: 5˚C-40˚C / Humidity: 20-80% (non condensing)
Acessories Stand, take-up and discharge device, cold air dryingsystem, infrared drying system, large ink supply system, ink capsule platen, power cord, platen, drive CD-ROM, user’s manual, etc.
*Untuk keperluan pengembangan, spesifikasi dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu.
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