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NT 200

DUPLEX COATED is a type of paperboard that has two different sides. One side of the surface has a white color, while the other side has a gray color.

  • The coated double-sided cardboard is very suitable for making high-quality products. These boards are coated with high-grade materials, so their surfaces are shiny and dust-proof. It provides high strength and ruggedness. The basic weight is between 230 gsm – 500 gsm. It is used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, daily necessities, electronic products, and stationery packaging.
  • Double-sided cardboard is a cheaper version of the whiteboard. It also provides different textures for printing. Our focus is on product quality, customization, process and service levels.
  • These products are widely used and are highly appreciated for their quality and durability. We provide customized solutions to our customers based on their needs.
  • We are a double-sided cardboard supplier and offer products in roll and paper form. We offer grey and white double-sided cardboard, which is widely used in the shoe box, cloth box, soap box and toothpaste box packaging. Our wide-width double-sided cardboard is available upon request.

1 Environmentally friendliness, high stiffness

3 Good surface smoothness and Stable ink absorption

2 Excellent printing effect and good brightness.

4 Good stiffness and folding



250g 350g 450g 500g
79cm x 109cm 79cm x 109cm 79cm x 109cm 79cm x 109cm
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