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DA 186T Plus

16 / 24 Kyocera industrial print heads, print speed up to 1080 m2/h

High speed Roll to Roll Dye Sublimation Digital Textile Printer

16 / 24 Kyocera industrial print heads, print speed up to 1080 m2/h

The dye sublimation printing process improves the printing speed, gets the pattern splicing coherent and exquisite, and enables the color more gorgeous. The excellent printing quality will enhance the consumer experience, and empower the industry users to achieve win-win situation in the quality and cost.


  • Combination of the quality and speed, high definition output
  • Shown with ingenuity, easy to operate
  • Reduce printing cost, impeccable
  • Superior print head for higher productivity


Superior print head for higher productivity

The huge daily order volume requires the equipment with the higher productivity. DA186T Plus series textile printer adopts industrial high-speed Kyocera print head, and maximizes the productivity of the print head through the special combination and the control system, which improves the printing efficiency in an all-round way.

Combination of the quality and speed, high definition output

Through unique design and ink supply system design, DA186T Plus series printing machines can use disperse ink, high temperature disperse ink, etc. to realize more accurate ink droplet injection, bring out image-level printing quality.

Shown with ingenuity, easy to operate

The design of automatic cleaning system and moisturizing system can reduce the risk of print head blockage, which will improve the output stability of the equipment, making it possible for only one person to operate the machine.

Reduce printing cost, impeccable

The large-capacity floor-mounted ink supply system can greatly reduce the ink replacing frequency, and can support a minimum of 31g/m2 of thin paper printing, which enables to reduce the material loss and the printing cost, from the proofing to the mass production.

Perfect detail experience

The operation of rewinding and unwinding is simple, and the flattening effect of printing paper is excellent.

The ultra-high detection, as the perfect protection to the print head

The high degree of automation, the easy operation to support one-touch print head cleaning and one-touch moisturizing for the print head.

Modular design makes maintenance of each part convenient and simple

Make full use of machine space, no redundancy

Quick and convenient ink replacing



Model DA186T PLUS
Name High-speed Roll to Roll Dye Sublimation Digital Textile Printer
Print head Kyocera Print head 16 pcs Kyocera Print head 24 pcs
Max. Print Width (mm) 1850
Max. Paper Width (mm) 1900
Max. Diameter of Internal Rewind and Unwind Paper Holder (mm) Φ1000 (1200kg / 10,000 meter unwinder)
Printing Speed (m2/hr) (Multiple modes available) High Speed Model 1 @400*600DPI |1pass : 1080
Normal Speed Model 1 @508*600DPI | 1pass : 900
Normal Speed Model 2 @600*600DPI | 1pass : 800
Quality Model 1 @508*1200DPI | 2pass : 450
Quality Model 2 @600*1200DPI | 2pass : 400
High Precision Model 1 @508*1200DPI | 3pass : 300
High Precision Model 2 @600*1200DPI | 3pass : 267
Color Mode 4-color mode 6-color mode
Ink Color C, M, Y, K C, M, Y, K + Lk, Lm
(or 2 other specialised colours)
Ink Type High Density Dye Sublimation Ink
Print Media Sublimation Paper
Drying Method Infrared heating
RIP System HPRT RIP, Neostampa (optional)
Dimensions: L*W*H (mm) Printer : 4400*1500*1975 (Including leveling feet)
Paper Winder & Unwinder : 2400*1660*1150
(10000 meter unwinder)
Weight (kg) 3000 (Packing box not included)
Power Supply Printer : AC380V | three-phase, five-wire system |
18A (9KW) | 50Hz / 60Hz
Dryer : AC380V | three-phase, five-wire system |
36A (18KW) | 50Hz / 60Hz
PC Operating System and Hardware Operating system : windows 7 and above
CPU : Core i7 and above | HD : 500GB, 1G graphics |
Supported Image Type JPG / TIFF/ BMP / others
Compressed Air Supply 0.6MPa (Dry, oil-free and no vapour)
Operating Temperature 20~30°C
Operating Humidity 45%-70% (Non-condensing)
Certification OEKO-TEX AATCC,CE


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