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Xpertjet 1682SR Pro

The MUTOH XpertJet 1682SR Pro 64-inch Eco-Solvent Printer is equipped with staggered dual AccuFine HD printheads that provide ultra-fast print speeds.

Flagship model of the XpertJet series boasts high productivity

The XpertJet 1682SR Pro is equipped with two units of AccuFine HD with more nozzles, which is newly added to extra wide and high-density piezo print head, AccuFine. Compared to the conventional model, the XpertJet 1682SR Pro is up to 189 %* faster. In addition, this model inherits a platform designed to improve operability and reduce operator workload, it is equipped with various functions to provide high user assistance. The Xpertet 1682SR Pro is the flagship model of the XpertJet series that deliver “high image quality” and “high productivity” by combining MUTOH’s unique traditional and advanced technologies.
*Comparison between the new High Quality mode and the conventional Quality2 mode (8-color configuration)

The MS41 eco-solvent ink paired with the printer excels in color development, weather resistance, and ease of maintenance. The ink has been certified UL GREENGUARD Gold, making it environmentally and also operator friendlier.

The XpertJet 1682SR Pro brings the best “Made in Japan Quality” to various markets such as banners, trade show graphics, indoor and outdoor signs, POP displays, vehicle wrap and more.


Outdoor Signage


Wall Covering




AccuFine HD x dual head achieves high productivity

For further high productivity

Up to 179% productivity compared to conventional model

For further high productivity

Up to 179% productivity compared to conventional model

In 8 color-configuration, the “natural and smooth gradation” of the light inks and the “rich expression” and “vivid color development“ of the warm colors enhanced by the orange ink delivers printing with “beauty” and “impact” that is ideal for Sign & Graphics.

Orange ink expands the color gamut
for rich expression

Clearer and more vivid colors




*Images are for illustrative purposes only. They may differ from actual printed materials.

MUTOH MS 41 Eco Solvent Ink

Key features

  • Achieves a wide color gamut
  • Improved dot gain in high density areas
  • 2 years shelf life (2 years after manufacturing)
  • Excellent weather resistance (3 years), abrasion resistance and chemical resistance
    *Orange ink will last 3.8 years with lamination and 1.3 years without lamination.
  • Easy maintenance


Combination of MUTOH‘s traditional technology
and latest technologies

High-precision printing

that MUTOH’s traditional unique technology “high-precision aluminum rail structure” achieves

High quality printing

that MUTOH’s latest unique technologies “AccuFine”,
“i-screen” and “VerteLith” achieve

MUTOH’s new print head ”AccuFine” on board

“AccuFine” is a new extra wide and high density piezo print head, and achieves both high image quality and high-speed printing by dramatically improving the landing accuracy. High quality solid printing with less banding even at high speed


Increased nozzle row length

Contributes to higher productivity

High density nozzle pitch

Contributes to higher image quality

New print effect “i-screen”

“i-screen” was created by optimizing the “AcuuFine“ and evolving MUTOH’s ”Intelligent Interweave” printing technology.
By arranging the dots in a way that takes into account how they look, this reduces banding for smoother print images


MUTOH’s genuine RIP software “TOPAZ Rip X1” optimizes
the performance of the XpertJet 1682SR Pro.

MUTOH Clear Tone
Original half tone technology

Less variation in color density and smoother gradations

Wide color gamut profile

ICC INPUT PROFILE “MUTOH CMYK” maximizes the coverage of color gamut

Accurately process PDF

More reliable output by accurate processing of PDF transparencies & drop shadows

MUTOH’s unique technologies for automation and efficiency

Automatic Bi-D adjustment
“DropMaster 2”

Built-in sensor on the carriage automatically calibrates bi-directional alignments, and saves time and reduces validation in adjustment among different operators.

Automatic media feed adjustment

By printing a print pattern and reading it with a sensor, paper feed correction can be automated. This reduces the time and effort required for adjustment and media loss.

Nozzle selection Function
“Nozzle Area Select”

Nozzle area select temporarily prints using selected areas of active nozzles when clogged nozzles fail to recover. This is a reliable function that ensures seamless operation.

Media roll balance management
“Media Tracker”

Media tracker manages the remaining media by printing barcodes before removing a roll in use. It will read the barcode when reloading that roll. Streamlines management of remaining capacity for multiple media.

Automatic nozzle checking unit (optional)

*This function does not guarantee for the perfect accuracy of detection.

High media handling and transport

4 step PG setting

PG setting enhanced with 4 steps allows the operators to select the optimal print head height for the media being used. It reduces the risk of print head contact and maintain stable print quality. 

Multi-stage pressurizing mechanism

Media feeding power is affected by pressure and paper thickness. This pressure mode can be set to four levels: high, middle, low and partial pressure by adjusting the position of the media set lever and the pressure arms, which expands media feed capability. Thin paper and soft media could not be fed by conventional solvent machines now can be supported by setting the pressure low. Furthermore, media cockling can be minimized by canceling multiple pressure rollers individually.

Media set lever

Pressure arm

MUTOH Status Monitor(MSM)

MUTOH Status Monitor is software that enables the checking of the printer operation status from a computer in real time.

The following information can be confirmed for your MUTOH printer.

  • Detailed information
  • Status information
  • Heater information
  • Print head temperature/cartridge information
  • S/C card information
  • Print information and print history (job information, print time, ink consumption, cost, etc.)
  • Print history can be exported as a CSV file.


Printer Model XPJ-1682SR Pro
Print head Print method On-demand piezo drive system
Head height Low1: 1.5mm / Low 2: 2.0mm / Middle: 2.5mm / High: 4.0mm
Number 2
Media Roll media width Maximum: 1,625mm Minimum: 500mm
Maximum media thickness Low1: 0.3mm / Low2: 0.8mm / Middle: 1.3mm / High: 2.8mm
* 1mm or less is recommended.
Diameter Φ200mm or less
Core diameter 2 inches or 3 inches
Weight 30kg or less
Maximum printable width 1,615mm
Maximum printable length 1,500m
Ink Type NT Ink 6000 SB
Color 4 colors (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)
Capacity 1,000ml bag
Print resolution Maximum 1200dpi
Interface Gb-Ethernet (1000BASE-T)
Power supply Voltage: AC 100V~120V ±10% / AC 200V~240V ±10% Frequency: 50/60Hz ±1Hz
Environmental condition Printer operation Temperature: 20°C~32°C Humidity: 40%~60% No condensing
Accuracy guaranteed Temperature: 22°C~30°C Humidity: 40%~60% No condensing
Power consumption Operation AC100V~120V/AC200V~240V, 1,100W or less
Sleep mode AC100V~120V/AC200V~240V, 30W or less
External dimensions (W)x(D)x(H) Printer with stand: 2,770mm x 895mm x 1,428mm (when cover closed) / 1,527mm (when cover opened)
When ink case is installed: 2,770mm x 895mm x 1,611mm
Weight Printer: 141kg Stand: 32kg
RIP Software Topaz RIP X1

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Safety Precautions Before the use of our products, please read the entire OperationsManual to ensure safe operarions.

The name of company and products mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks. Specifications and outward appearances of any product therein may be changed without notice as a result of product improvement or other related reasons.
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