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Valuejet 628MP

A compact 630mm wide roll-to-roll printer with MUTOH multi-purpose ink “MP31”

The ValueJet 628MP with a space-saving design supports 630mm wide roll media has achieved ease of use. A platen heater and blower heater are mounted, which improves drying performance and productivity. The blower heater accelerates drying and gently dry the printed surface to provide stable print quality. Wide-open space structure for easy access maintenance area.

The VJ-628MP is equipped with MP31, a multi-purpose ink, that can print beautifully on a variety of materials. It supports up to eight colors including light colors (Lc, Lm, Lk) or spot colors (Or, Bl, Gr). The light ink provides smoother gradation and the spot color ink provides vivid color reproduction.

The VJ-628MP + MP 31 ink meet numerous customers’ needs and assists in the development of new applications.


  • Supprted 630mm wide roll media
  • MUTOH’s multi-puopose ink (MP31)
  • Up to 8 color set-up with CMYK, Wh + light colors or spot colors
  • Hot air blower heater system
  • Wide open space structure
  • 2 steps head height (1.2mm or 2.5mm)
  • Variable Dot Technology
  • Equipped with the automatic cutting function
  • Stand
  • Optional take-up unit



Packaging Prototype

Packaging Prototype



Packaging Prototype

RIP Software Topaz-XI

World Standart ICM Support

Standart ICC support and Proffesional curve tweak

Best multi color generation

CMYK, Light Color Lc, Lm, Lk, Ly / Hexacrom Or, Gr

Variable Sized Screen Technology

Variable Dot 1 & 2, Microdot, Dual Dot & Custom Dot control tab

Quick Proof & ICM Management

Calibration and profiling with supporting spectrometer

Super Speed Processing

High speed Multi-tasking environment

Wide and Vivi Color

Wide Color Gamut by unique QUBIS Screen Tech

User friendly functional capability

MSM monitor yout MUTOH printer status on your PC or smart phones. It enables you to confirm printing data volume, ink consumption, and also printing performance, statistical information, cost etc. through the print history.



Model Name VJ-628MP
Printer Technology Drop-on-demand Micro Piezo Inkjet Technology
Print Head 1
Print Head Height Low: 1.2mm High: 2.5mm (2 step system by manual)
Maximum Media Width 630mm
Maximum Printable Width 630mm
Ink Type MP31 ink
Ink set 4C (K, C, M, Y) / 5C (K, C, M, Y, Wh)
7C (K, C, M, Y, Lc, Lm, Lk) or (K, C, M, Y, Or, Bl ,Gr)
8C (K, C, M, Y, Wh, Lc, Lm, Lk) or (K, C, M, Y, Wh, Or, Bl, Gr)
Volume 500ml bag (K, C, M, Y, Wh) *requires optional high-capacity adapter
220ml cartridge (K, C, M, Y, Wh, Lc, Lm, Lk, Or, Bl, Gr)
No. of slot 8
Maximum Print Resolution 1440x1440dpi(16 pass)
Interface Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX)
Media Measurements O 150 mm / 2” & 3” / 9 kg or less
Power Requirements AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Printable Environment Temperature: 20-32℃ < Recommended environment: 22-30℃ >
Humidity: 40-60%RH (non condensing)
Electrical Power Consumption <Main> Operation status: 830W or less
<Blower heater> Operation status: 350W or less
Dimensions (WxDxH) / Weight Body including stand: 1,190x690x1,210mmBody: 37kg Stand: 8.7kg
Printer Driver bundled
Take-up system (optional) 10kg take-up system

*The specifications are subject to change without notice.

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