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NT 200

MAKER PAPER in roll form with 4 width options. Suitable for pattern/plotter drawing needs, garment industry, convection, fabric sublime etc.

Marker paper is lightweight paper commonly used in various industries, including fashion, textiles, and printing. Marker paper is a transparent or semi-transparent paper used for creating markers. Markers are essentially a layout of pattern pieces on a large sheet of paper. They are used to optimize fabric usage during cutting to minimize waste. Marker paper allows pattern pieces to be arranged and positioned accurately on the marker, ensuring efficient fabric utilization.

Paper Features :

Paper Application :

  • High whiteness.
  • Paper surface smooth and delicate.
  • Paper tension is better.
  • Surface tensile strength.
  • Paper evenness dimension stability is good.
  • Printing industry.

  • Clothing industry.

  • Leather goods industry.

  • Shoes industry.

  • Porcelain industry.

  • Handicrafts industry.

  • Fruit packaging industry.



45g 1.6 x 250m 1.68 x 250m 1.8 x 250m 2.0 x 250m
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