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HOTA HTO 270-3200 Plus

The display machine is new improved model. The designer and technicians made thousands of trials to decide the present appearance. Blue frame with dark grey doors, pure blue table coordinate the frame, which uniquely defined in the market. The color contrast fully display the transfer fabric. And PLC control make system detailed and increase cost performance. 

It is prepared to ensure continuous production in the sublimation line.

  • Automation of daily work through the on-o scheduling system.
  • Steel cylinder with Teon surface to prevent rust and maintain uniform temperature.
  • Eective, advanced and economical heating system.
  • Industrial heating system with thermal oil.
  • LCD touch screen.
  • Password to enter special options on the LCD panel.
  • Sublimated fabric meter counter, congured from the LCD panel with the option to reset the value.
  • Speed controller for cylinder rotation through PLC.
  • Machine controlled by PLC, SIEMENS brand.
  • PLC-programmable digital temperature controller.
  • Automatic blanket position correction system controlled by PLC.
  • The additional tension roller for the blanket is driven by a pneumatic system controlled by the PLC.
  • Pneumatic tensioning system for sublimation paper controlled by PLC.
  • Oil level indicator to ensure the amount of oil in the cylinder.
  • Independent control system on each roller to collect the used material.
  • Designed for continuous roll sublimation and item sublimation.
  • Option to change the rotation in the cylinder movement.
  • Blanket protection alarm through limit sensors.
  • Emergency stop device.
  • Five tension rollers for the blanket. One of the rollers is driven by a pneumatic system and controlled by PLC.
  • Work table for item-to-item applications.
  • Air system for protection paper.
  • Electrical protection system for power outages.
  • Cover to add smoke extractor. (Optional with additional charge.


Model HTO 270 – 3200 Plus
Transfer width 3200 mm / 1600 mm / 1800 mm
Drum diameter 270 mm
Heating printciple Conductive oil heating
Transfer mechanism Heat preasure
Power consumption 22 KW
Warming up time 40 – 55 minute
Productivity 0.1 – 3 M / Min
Power supply 380 V (3 Pass)
Transfer temperature 180 – 230 degree
Net weight 2500 kg
  Display Sistem
  With automatic alignment system
*Untuk keperluan pengembangan, spesifikasi dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu.
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