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Xpertjet 461UF and 661UF

“XPJ-461UF” “XPJ-661UF”, desktop UV LED printers,achieve ease of use functionality and versatile expression.

All the functionality required by professionals consolidates into compact bodies.

“XPJ-461UF” “XPJ-661UF”, desktop UV LED printers,achieve ease of use functionality and versatile expression. The printers enable real value-added printing easily such as excellent glossy finishes and texture decoration. Suited for personalized goods, industrial products, promotional items, small lot production and so much more.


  • UV LED lamp local dimming control technology
  • Small foot print, smart design model
  • High performance model with enhanced productivity
  • Vacuum table holding media firmly
  • LED touch panel
  • Maintenance mechanism
  • MUTOH genuine UV LED inks
  • MUTOH Windows printer driver
  • Obstacle detection system
  • MUTOH Status Monitor[MSM]
  • User-friendly Layout and Print Tool 2



Metallized Film Proofing

Packaging Prototype

Shrink Wrap

Stickers and Decals

Posters and Banners

"UV LED lamp local dimming control technology"

enables the ability to create diverse and expressive textures
in the same print table movement.

By dividing the irradiation area of the UV lamp, the varnish ink can be adjusted individually for greater segmented printing control. Glossy, semi-glossy and matte varnish effects can be produced in one table movement for prints combining CMYK + varnish or white + varnish.
The result is a substantial productivity boost as well as a minimized risk for graininess, banding and misalignment of layer printing.


Small foot print,
smart design model

Easy fine adjustment of table height

Print onto objects up to 70mm thick easily using manual adjustment knob

Easy fine adjustment of table height

Table removal allows printing onto objects up to 150mm thick.
*Original jig production is recommended

Wide open cover

Expanded open space allows for easy access to position the substrates and maintenance.

High performance model
with enhanced productivity

Automatic table lifting

Automatic table lifting enables high-precision height adjustment and stabilizes printing quality.

Rotary unit

The ability of 360° printing onto cylindrical objects expands range of your applications. (optional)

Easy fine adjustment of table height

Optimal height for operation with rollaway stand (optional)

Vacuum table holding media firmly

The vacuum table efficiently positions, holds down firmly and flattens out even thin media. Five levels of suction force can be controlled from the printer operation panel.
(Optional for XPJ-461UF)

LED touch panel

High visibility electrostatic touch panel provides high quality display and improves panel operation. It supports 8 languages.

Maintenance mechanism

The maintenance environment around the UV LED lamp has been renewed to perform daily maintenance more efficiently.
New removable / replaceable lamp filter & lamp glass make for easier cleaning. In addition, a new print head improves jetting stability and minimizes machine troubles.

MUTOH genuine UV LED inks

MUTOH offers hard type, UH21 ink and soft type, US11ink. Both are environmentally friendly which contribute VOC free, and can be used for heat-sensitive media. The US11 ink is UL GREENGARD Gold Certified to meet the most stringent standards for low VOC emission. The UH21 ink achieves excellent adhesion* especially for extruded acrylic. *Ink adhesion test is recommended before printing.

Bundled application software

◆User-friendly Layout and Print Tool 2

Variable data printing

The function enables printing of personalized and unique date at one time for one template.

Density test pattern

White and varnish density test checks for the appropriate ink amount to achieve a glossy finish.

◆MUTOH Windows printer driver

Bundled MUTOH Windows printer driver allows users to print directly from their windows PC without RIP software.
MUTOH Layer Editor enables multi-layer printing with the Windows printer driver only.

*Supported OS:Windows 10, 11(32/64 bit)

Obstacle detection system

MUTOH Status Monitor[MSM]

•Significant improvement of response time for print status acquisition
•Support initial installation wizard
•Support 10 languages for all functions



Xpertjet XPJ-461UF XPJ-661UF
Printing system On-demand piezo drive system
Set media Size (W×D) 483mm×329mm 483mm×594mm
Height up to 70mm [with standard table] / 80-150mm [without standard table]
up to 70mm [with optional vacuum table]
0 – 150mm
Weight up to 5kg [with standard table] / up to 8kg [without standard table]
up to 4kg [with optional vacuum table]
Max printable size (W×D) 483mm×329mm 483mm×594mm
Table height adjustment PG handle (handle 1.5mm / round) Automatic
Ink Type UV LED ink (UH21 ink / US11 ink)
Ink set 4 colors (K, C, M, Y) / 6 colors (K,C,M,Y, white, varnish)
Capacity 220ml ink cartridge (K,C,M,Y, white, varnish)
No. of slot 6
Print resolution 1440/1080/720dpi (Total 3 modes)
Interface Ethernet (10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX)
Power requirements AC100-240V±10%, 50/60Hz±1Hz
Operation noise Standby:51dB or less/Printing with standard table:63dB or less/
Printing with optional vacuum table:70dB or less
Standby: 49dB or less / Printing with vacuum table: 69dB or less
Printable environment Temperature: 20-32°C Humidity: 40-60%RH (non condensing)
Electrical power consumption Sleep mode:20W or less/Ready to print:40W or less/Operation:195W or less Sleep mode:20W or less/Ready to print: 40W or less/Operation:300W or less
Dimensions (W×D×H) /Weight 1,188mm × 972mm× 597mm [Front cover closed] / weight:95kg
1,188mm×972mm×1,011mm [Front cover opened]
1,188mm×1,025mm×597mm [PG handle cover opened]
1,188mm×1,627mm×604mm [Front cover closed] / weight: 130kg
1,188mm×1,627mm×1,196mm [Front cover opened]
Printer Driver Bundled
RIP software(optional) VerteLith (MUTOH Genuine RIP software) / SAi FlexiSIGN&PRINT MUTOH Edition / ONYX RIP
Rotary Jig N/A Optional
Stand N/A Optional


The vacuum table is optional for XPJ-461UF.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
The printer driver is included in the XPJ-461UF / 661UF. RIP software is optional.
Ink adhesion will vary among media type and brand. Individual testing is required in function of your specific application.
As white ink settles at the bottom of cartridge, please be sure to shake lightly once a day before use.

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