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Starfire SG1024 or Ricoh Gen 6

Using linear motor makes the printing more accurate and smoother

Why SAPPHIRE Oval Screen Hybrid Digital Printer

SAPPHIRE Oval Screen Hybrid Digital Printer successfully integrates the advanced technology of digital printing and the base and cover traditional crafts of oval screen printing technology, which had greatly upraded the added value and the comparative advantage of printing products. The strong adhesion, abundant texture, natural transition of Grey scale, high precision, high color saturation, and bright-colored, SAPPHIRE Oval Screen Hybrid Digital Printer will lead your printing bussiness into a brand-new and surprising vision.

Advantages :

  • Using linear motor makes the printing more accurate and smoother.
  • 100% steel structure, strong and durable.
  • Exclusive development of negative pressure system with double circuit keeps the continuous ink supply and the printing stable and smooth.
  • High efficiency capacity with peed of 350-400 P/Hr.
  • Starfire printhead, made by metal, industrial technical grade with self-circulation system to prevent the clogging. Removable and repairable, long service life. ¬†Ricoh G6 printing head provides the highest resolution with high working capacity.
  • Perfect integration of digital printing and traditional silk screen printing to upgrade printing value.
  • Diverse printing technology with international standard fastness.
  • Equipped with eco-friendly ink, digital base slurry and treatment liquid, providing the professional one-stop digital printing total solution.
  • The “Digital & Oval” is exclusively developed by Dopson, great integration, high quality and after-sales guarantee.

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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